Why Donate?

We take the work of investing donor dollars VERY seriously. We strive to be a trusted partner, doing the absolute most good with the money that is entrusted to us each year. We pride ourselves on a sound process to allocate donations to other non-profits in the most transparent manner.

Once you give to United Way, our staff—with the help of very skilled volunteer committees, makes the smartest investments in nonprofits and their programs possible. Making every dollar count and helping thousands of people each year.

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Quota Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed not only by the United Way but through the many organizations that we partner with. The United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is proud to administer a Facebook group dedicated to sharing volunteer needs. We encourage anyone interested in getting involved through volunteering to join this group to be informed of the many opportunities in our area to volunteer.

Facebook Group

Allocation Committee Volunteer

The Allocations Volunteer job is one of the most important aspects of what we do at United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties. This volunteer position ensures that United Way funds are allocated and invested in a manner consistent with United Way’s mission of mobilizing community resources to measurably improve the lives of those living in the communities we serve. The Allocations Volunteers are donors and have a vested interest in the programs that United Way supports. They invest many hours reviewing the applications submitted for Grant funding to United Way.

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Review and score program applications unbiasedly.
  • Actively participate in grant request recommendations for the Board of Directors in each of the four focus areas that United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties supports.
  • Brings perspective, concerns and insight to their committee with knowledge of community needs and necessary resources.
  • Assist in creating a broader community understanding of United Way funded programs.
Roger Hippsley

Roger Hippsley

Allocations Volunteer

"The Jolly Roger”

Elys Law

Elys Law

Allocations Volunteer of the Year

"Keeping an eye, heart and open hand out to learn in my community is what love looks like.”

Tami Scruggs

Tami Scruggs

Allocations Volunteer

" Working with Untied Way for the first time was very rewarding in that I have learned a great deal about the available programs in the county and surrounding areas.”

Sheryl Rusher

Sheryl Rusher

Allocations Volunteer

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

Lindsey Mairs Allocations Volunteer

Lindsey Mairs

Allocations Volunteer

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up. Who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Susie Slack Allocations Volunteer

Susie Slack

Allocations Volunteer

“Give generously, through time and dollars.”

Susan Roberts Allocations Volunteer

Susan Roberts

Allocations Volunteer

“United Way has given me a great way to feel united in my new community.”

Jim Whittsley Allocations Volunteer 1

James (Jim) Whittlesey

Allocations Volunteer

“Help people who can raise themselves up to help others.”

Cassi Sewell Allocations Volunteer

Cassi Sewell

Allocations Volunteer

“This was a great opportunity for me to make a difference in my community without putting in a lot of time. Working full time and being a parent make it hard to put in the a lot of volunteer time, this was great!”

IMG 2246 2

Dan Franks

Allocations Volunteer

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."

Lorna Edmondson Allocations Volunteer and Board Member

Lorna Edmondson

Allocations Volunteer and Board Member

“It is important to act with compassion and kindness.”

IMG 2242 1

Inez Bird

Allocations Volunteer

“United Way is the best way to donate to the community. The money is distributed to the best programs.”

IMG 2245 1

Lori Linder

Allocations Volunteer

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Kristin Keating

Allocations Volunteer

480px No image available svg

Tim Sheehan

Allocations Volunteer

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Dr. Jay Klemme

Allocations Volunteer

480px No image available svg

Dr. Kathy Helmuth

Allocations Volunteer

Why I Volunteer

The United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties would not be able to impact our local community without the many volunteers that offer their time and talents in addition to their donations. Here are some of the testimonials what our volunteers choose to “Live United” by volunteering..

I live united by volunteering to do odd jobs for the United Way.



I live united by.... Trying each day to see the light in others, and treat them as if it is all that I see.



How To Start A Workplace Campaign

Why a Workplace Campaign?

Our goal is to help people move from challenges to success and build a stable life. Like your business, United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is about partnerships, setting goals, efficiency and accountability. Here’s why a partnership with United Way makes sense: It is a sound investment for your company. United Way’s knowledge of the community ensures contributions are channeled to where the needs are greatest. United Way can help you develop a customized fundraising campaign that aligns with the values and interests of your organization, as well as your employees. We also offer training and support in building your fundraising team and running a great campaign.

Convenience and affordability in giving options such as payroll deduction and electronic pledging make it easy. We process all donations, eliminating the need for a third party pledge processor that lacks the ability to bring year-round, community-wide recognition to you and your employees. When your employees donate to United Way, 100% of their gift will be invested in Wayne and Holmes Counties, helping thousands. Special recognition and awards are given each year at the Annual Meeting for those companies that qualify and who have run exemplary campaigns.

Direct engagement opportunities available for volunteering, etc.

What is a workplace campaign? Each year, we see United Way volunteers and staff members put on their campaign hats and venture out to raise money for the organization. Most of us attend meetings at our places of business, and many of us generously open our hearts and wallets. We do this with confidence, knowing that our money will go toward a “good cause.” We know United Way does “good things” for the community. But how much do we really know about the organization and about how our donations are being spent?

United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of many in the communities we serve. United Way supports 40 critical programs in Wayne and Holmes Counties ran by 23 area organizations.. The organization is unique in that we collaborate with 23 non-profit partner agencies to affect positive changes in our community as efficiently as possible through four different focus areas which include: Health/Mental Health and Substance and Abuse Treatment, Safety Net or Basic Needs, Workforce Development and Youth Development.. When non-profit organizations work together, not only can more good be accomplished, but also the cost of fundraising is dramatically reduced, leaving more money for what is important—helping people.

In fact, money donated to United Way goes to help people. Volunteers from around the counties we serve review each funding request to evaluate their effectiveness and make funding recommendations to the United Way board of directors.

When your employees donate to United Way, 100% of their gift will be invested in Wayne and Holmes Counties, helping thousands.
Special recognition and awards are given each year at the Annual Meeting for those companies that qualify and who have run exemplary campaigns.

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