Why Partner?

United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is a community resource and partner to other area non-profits. United Way’s mission is to mobilize community resources to help people measurably improve their lives. United Way does this through an Allocations Process each and every year, where grants are given out through an application process, to support community programs that are run by area agencies.

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How To Become A Partner?

In part with their mission, United Way has chosen to invest in quality programs in Wayne and Holmes Counties that seek to improve the lives of low-income families. The four areas of focus that UWWH has carefully considered are; Health/Mental Health/Substance Abuse, Safety Net, Workforce Development and Youth Development.

To receive funding you must apply at the
appropriate time and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered 501 (c) 3 registered with the Ohio Secretary of State Office or a public education institution, voluntary association or faith based organization.
  • Provide services to low-income residents in Wayne and/or Holmes Counties

2021 Funding Schedule

Open April 1, 2021 Food Insecurity Grants
Open April 1, 2021 Venture/Emergency Funds for Currently Funded Partners
Open April 1, 2021 New Partner Community Need Grants
October 15, 2021 2022 Application Release

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RFP Process

The Allocations Volunteer Committee: One of the most important aspects of what we do at United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties. This committee ensures that United Way funds are allocated and invested in a manner consistent with United Way’s mission of mobilizing community resources to measurably improve the lives of those living in the communities we serve. The Allocations Volunteers are donors and have a vested interest in the programs that United Way supports. They invest many hours reviewing the applications submitted for Grant funding to United Way.

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Questions & Answers

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Partners Spotlight

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Wayne County Schools Career Center

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We live united by working together as a partner to bring hope and healing to those suffering from depression, anxiety or distress in their life!

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Salvation Army

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Holmes Health Dept

Holmes County Health District

Everett Miller’s Early Intervention Journey

When Kayla Phillips became concerned about her son’s speech development, she chose to reach out to Holmes County Early Intervention (EI) to learn more about the local services available to help her son, Everett. Kayla explains, “We first heard of EI from Everett’s doctor, and then from a couple friends who also had children in EI”. Holmes County EI is a part of the statewide system which provides coordinated early intervention services to parents of eligible children under the age of three with developmental delays or disabilities.

After Kayla spoke with an early intervention service coordinator at the Holmes County General Health District, an evaluation was completed to gain a picture of Everett’s development (in safe adherence with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ guidance for completing the EI eligibility process during COVID-19). Everett was determined eligible for EI services and quickly began receiving services from the Holmes County EI team with Angie Willard, a speech and language pathologist, serving as Everett’s primary service provider. Kayla emphasizes, “To anyone with a child who seems to be behind in their speech, I highly recommend reaching out to EI. I know that it can be difficult as a parent to ask for help for your child. As a parent who has been there, trust me when I say it is so worth it.”

Holmes County EI is grounded in the philosophy that young children learn best from familiar people in familiar settings. When recently asked about Everett’s journey in EI, Kayla shares, “When we first started Everett in EI, he was only saying one, rarely two words, at a time. He also struggled with using the correct sounds at the beginning of a lot of his words. We had a difficult time understanding Everett which led to him being very frustrated when he was trying to talk to us. With that frustration came a lot of temper tantrums. With the help of Angie and EI, we began noticing a change in Everett very quickly. We were able to incorporate the tips Angie provided into our day-to-day lives. We are still working on improving his sounds, but after only three months of EI, Everett is now saying three-to-four-word phrases and sometimes even a full sentence. His confidence in speaking has grown significantly, and the tantrums are rare now.”

The Holmes County EI team is honored to provide services to local families through a family-friendly, coaching model. Angie Willard, the team’s speech and language pathologist, further explains, “The best part of my job as the Holmes County EI SLP is witnessing the progress made when families, like Everett’s, embrace the methods taught in our sessions which then evolve into positive changes in their child's speech. I am honored to pass knowledge and tools onto our families that help make a real difference in their daily lives. It is truly a blessing."

When a child’s journey in Early Intervention nears the end, families face many choices about what they will do next. Many children in EI are eligible at age three for special education services provided by the Ohio Department of Education. The Holmes County EI team provides support to local families in EI as they face this transition. Kayla summarizes the closure of Everett’s EI services by explaining, “We have since transitioned Everett into preschool. I was worried there would be a big break between EI and him beginning preschool, but that was not the case. We were able to set everything up prior to Everett's 3rd birthday. As soon as that day came, he was able to go right into preschool. Everyone at EI has been incredible to work with. They've all made us so comfortable through this journey.” Families with concerns regarding their child’s development are encouraged to reach out early and without hesitation to the dedicated Holmes County EI team. As Kayla affirms, “Seeing your child succeed in something they were previously struggling with is amazing!”

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Other Partners

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A Triway student recently came to the OHuddle office with the observation that many teachers’ school supplies were becoming depleted since the start of the year. The student and his mentor partnered to organize and deliver school supplies donated through OHuddle for Triway, creating a mid-year supply delivery in “service to others” (Developmental Asset #9).

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Forget Me Not Baskets

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We are a small group, so if we’re not united, we would fall apart.

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