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a place of safety where all persons affected by a mental health concern feel accepted and build hope through peer-based programmig, and to deliver education, suicide prevention and support to family members and the community.

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MOCA House

I have struggled with Bipolar II and ADHD all my adult life, not always successfully. In the last 3 years I have learned the value of reaching out...

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Testimonials for NAMI Wayne and Holmes Counties

Thank you for your kind support of our MOCA House Program. we are so grateful and you are welcome to come see our services in motion anytime!

Helen Walkerly

I would like to share what MOCA has done for me. First, I want to share my background. I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder two years ago. I kept to myself for one and a half years. I am now finding the support I need from MOCA House. I started out small by attending the Monday night support group. I then gradually started coming on Fridays for lunch. It has provided me a place to share my love for baking by bringing a dessert to share with everyone. The staff and peers all enjoy lunch together along with playing games. The joy I have received from MOCA has given me a purpose to continue in my recovery and to help others in sharing my story.


MOCA House has helped me a lot by giving me the support that I need. I have learned so much about my mental illness. The stuff that I learned has helped me in my recovery. If it wasn’t for MOCA House I would be in a very bad state of mind and not even know why. I wouldn’t have the knowledge of mental illness if it wasn’t for MOCA House. I would refer anybody that has a mental illness or wants to learn about how to take care of someone with a mental illness to come to NAMI/MOCA.