The College of Wooster’s Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE) program has been providing consulting services to local and regional businesses, nonprofits and public entities for over 25 years. Teams of 2-4 students and a faculty advisor work for 8 weeks over the summer on projects defined by the clients. In addition to the traditional corporate clients, the program has expanded its focus to partner with nonprofit organization, the public sector and economic development entities to address topics that have a community-wide impact.

Over the summer of 2019, United Way, along with other stakeholders, worked with the College of Wooster's AMRE program to dig deep into several issues we are facing here in Wayne and Holmes Counties. Due to the scope, these projects were limited in their research to Wayne County, but the solutions are useful for all areas.

The three reports are below:

1. The Benefits Cliff Final Report

2. Affordable Housing and Homelessness Report

3. Workforce Expansion Report also included is the Workforce Expansion Toolkit.

Our hope is that the community continues these conversations and utilizes the data presented by the students at the College of Wooster.

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