Wooster, Ohio (March 15, 2021) – United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 Grant Funding Process. The Board of Directors unanimously approved $810,000.00 toward renewal programs that keep with United Way’s mission of mobilizing community resources to help people measurably improve their lives.

2021 Allocations for United Way of Wayne and Holmes due to the COVID-19 pandemic were presented to volunteers and the board as renewal applications. “We wanted to take careful consideration of the programs we fund and the time investment that grant applications take.” said Katie Koglman, Executive Director. “We felt due to the pandemic that this was a fair and just way to allow agencies to receive funding for 2021. Knowing we hit goal and that we would have the ability to fund new programs too, using a different application process, starting at the beginning of April.”

2021 United Way Grant Awards grants were awarded to the following agencies for specific programs that they run: American Red Cross, Anazao Community Partners, Boys & Girls Club of Wooster, Catholic Charities of Wayne County, Goodwill Industries of Wayne and Holmes Counties, Holmes Center for the Arts, Learn N’ Play, NAMI, National Inventors Hall of Fame, OHUDDLE, OneEighty, Salvation Army of Wooster, The Counseling Center, Viola Startzman Clinic, Wayne Center for the Arts, Wayne County Schools Career Center, Wooster City Schools and YMCA of Wayne County.

H. Stewart Fitz Gibbon III, United Way Board President stated “The 31 programs we have chosen to fund this year through a renewal allocation process help address some of the communities most pressing issues. These programs are financially stable, results driven and a good investment in our community. We see now more than ever that these programs are necessary and integral to the success of the communities we serve.”

Hitting goal in 2020 has also allowed United Way to raise money for other programs/emergency needs which include:

$ 21,232 to area organizations in direct designations.

$ 9,814 to other local United Way organizations in direct designations

$166,911.00.00 to the Local Covid19 Relief Fund

$8,811 to the Severe Weather Shelter

$36,000 to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

$30,000 restricted for WHIRE

$75,000.00 to the Board Restricted Fund

Grants from the Board Restricted Fund will open for new program applications in April. The details for those grants will be available on our website. (uwwh.org)

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