Happy New Year! We welcome 2021 with open arms. I created a personal motto for the New Year: Let’s Get It Done, Let’s Have Some Fun, Let’s Claim Victory in 2021. I figure this motto transcends all facets of my life – personal and professional.
Here at United Way of Wayne and Holmes, 2020 put our core values to the test. I was so happy that we took the time to decide what values we (as an organization) would lead with, allow to guide us and ensure our compass was headed in the right direction.
Strategic: As soon as the pandemic hit in March, we offered to be the COVID-19 hotline to free up the time and staff at our hospitals and the health department. We set up a COVID-19 Fund to help those in need and reimagined our in person fundraisers. Instead of a 5k race with people, we raced rubber ducks in the Wacky Quacky Duck Derby.
Thankful: SO MANY PEOPLE stepped up to give this year. We can’t ever say thank you enough. In a difficult year, it is easy to forget to be thankful. We hope you felt the love from us this last year, because we are so very grateful.
Accountable: The community counts on United Way Funds to fuel so many wonderful programs. It was vital that we stayed the course. We continued to serve the community; we infused more and different organizations with dollars to ensure their success. We used your donations wisely.
Resilient: In a year of complete change, we were able to pivot our focus, create new ways to raise dollars and simplified processes for our partner agencies. For the most part, we did this with big smiles on our faces.
Sincere: We are a fun bunch of people with a serious job. We were happy to brighten days with smiles and laughter on our social media sites, and worked hard to get incentives for those who were most generous this year (Did you get your McDonald’s thanks-a-latte coupon?) ;)Thank you again for all your love, generosity and faithfulness in 2020.
As we close the books on an unforgettable year, we are eager to see what 2021 has to offer. We are hoping for blessings, good health and prosperity for all. Regardless what is thrown our way, we will get it done, have some fun and claim victory over any obstacles all while allowing our core values to guide us through.
Katie Koglman
, Executive Director

Katie Koglman Staff

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