2020 has been a year like no other for people globally and most people are in the same boat with the fear of COVID, the fear of financial stress due to job loss, the social distance and the constant worry. Even though we tell ourselves that everyone is in the same boat, sometimes it is hard to gain that perspective. Though with all the negativity in 2020, we have found ourselves incredibly grateful for the positive moments.

Being positive and motivated has pushed us forward, has pushed us out of our comfort zones and has made us thankful and grateful for the things great and small. We choose to find the inspiration from our partners’ good work, from our donors’ generosity and, from the small acts of kindness we see happening community wide each and every day. We enjoy laughter and helping others. Living out our mission has meant more this year than in any other year I have worked at United Way. Our mission of mobilizing resources to help people improve their lives became tangible in 2020. With it came motivation, thankfulness and humbling moments that will help strengthen us as we move forward.

This Giving Tuesday, I hope you can take a step back from the negativity and look at the positives. Look at the kindness happening around you, and take a moment to see that you are a part of a strong foundation we call home. We are lucky to live and work where we do in the great counties of Wayne and Holmes. May kindness multiply, and may you have a wonderful start to your holiday season.

Carrolyn Salazar Staff

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