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Krista is a mother of three children all under age six. But these are three children whom she cannot live with or see regularly. Krista lives alone apart from the world she lost due to addiction.

Krista’s husband asked her to leave following a relapse of drug use. She knew addiction was controlling her life and she needed help with treatment. But to be in treatment a person needs to live somewhere. She needed some stability.

Her first stop was the Salvation Army of Wooster where Krista stayed for several weeks. There she found close bonds from other women in crisis. “When you are in the lowest of low places is when you find the most compassion”, Krista says, singing the praises of the supportive environment of the Salvation Army.

Knowing that long-term treatment was needed, Krista found stable housing through One Eighty’s Housing program. She found part-time work at a local restaurant providing not only income, but also kindness and compassion that brought light to her “very hollow feelings”, as she described.

Today, Krista, living clean and sober, is finding strength in outpatient addiction treatment provided by One Eighty. Krista closed the conversation with this: “Even though I have hit lows, I can still help others. If I had not received help, I would be dead or living in a park. I will be with my children again. I will get better.”

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