I have struggled with Bipolar II and ADHD all my adult life, not always successfully. In the last 3 years I have learned the value of reaching out for help that is not just medical or clinical. Recovery means healthy relationships, holding a job I love, and stable moods. MOCA helps me get useful support for myself and affords me the opportunity to provide peer support for others. The ability to provide and receive support in a nonjudgmental, friendly environment is critical to my continued recovery successes. MOCA House is a place that accepts and supports anyone/everyone with mental health issues. MOCA reminds you that you don’t have to be alone in your recovery journey. There is a real community of genuine care and concern here at MOCA House.

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Youth Development

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Wooster City Schools

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Workforce Development

Counseling center

The Counseling Center

A thirty year old man diagnosed with schizophrenia was experiencing symptoms of paranoia that made it difficult to maintain a job. He would quickly believe that his boss and co-workers were planted by the government to spy on him, and it was challenging for him to hide these symptoms. Additionally, he had experienced a shoulder injury on a previous job site that limited his ability to lift. Through his connection to Employment Services, he was able to be matched with a very accommodating company with a supervisor who accepted and supported him through his symptoms. He has been successfully employed for over five months, which is the longest he has ever held a job.

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Viola Startzman Clinic

Devon showed up at his before and after school provider every day with blackened teeth. He often complained of tooth pain. When the counselors tried to reach his parents to encourage them to take him to the dentist, they discovered dad was not in the picture, mom was in jail, and grandma was not able to take off work to take him to a dentist. We were able to get a consent signed, arrange transportation to our clinic, and care for Devon. We cured his infection, saved the tooth, filled 18 cavities, and helped him understand the importance of oral health care. He now has a toothbrush and uses it regularly.

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