When Sarah came to Goodwill in April of 2018, her life was in chaos. Plans for the future were abruptly halted and she found herself homeless and jobless. Sarah was staying at OneEighty, a local supportive services agency and shelter, with her three young children. This was an extremely difficult and trying time in Sarah's life. Sarah had been enduring various forms of abuse and was a domestic violence survivor.

Through these tough times, Sarah still remained hopeful. She knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel and was determined to build a BRIGHTER FUTURE for her and her children. While at the shelter, Sarah continued, as difficult as it was, to study, complete homework, and attend classes at the Wayne County School's Career Center (Adult Practical Nursing program). Sarah was grateful to have a roof over her head but longed for privacy, quiet time and a place to call home.

While at Goodwill, Sarah made great strides, received much needed support and had many accomplishments. Most importantly, she secured housing for her family. It wasn't easy balancing the care for her children with the countless hours of required studying and homework.

Sarah passed her LPN test and quickly found a job in her field. Sarah began to support her family. She found the self-worth and confidence that was once forgotten within herself. She changed. She became whole again.

Today, Sarah is a true success. She was able to overcome her barriers, gain employment with livable wages, and even enrolled back into school for her Bachelor's degree. When she reflects back on last year, through all of the hardships, she does so with a smile on her face. Sarah knows that she was not defeated and is joyful in continuing to pursue the career of her dreams with her happy and healthy kids by her side.

"It was hard…but…I graduated! I was an Honor Student. It was all worth it." -Sarah Palmer

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