At first glance, Madison is your average Ohio high school junior. But it does not take long to notice that she is so much more. Madison has an inviting and warming personality, full of energy and wonder, and it's all wrapped up with sharp humor and intelligence. What really separates Madison from her peers is that she has discovered her dream job; a truly passionate desire for an obtainable career to strive for. For Madison, that profession is nursing [and someday, CNP or Doctor].

Madison first came to Goodwill a couple of years ago as a participant in the Summer Youth Program. She was a very different person back then, struggling with mental health issues and unsure of her future and what path to take. Madison fought to find her identity; to fit in. She was attaining good grades but was far from achieving the academic excellence of which she was capable.

Through the Summer Youth Program and her continuation into CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program funded by the Wayne County Department of Job and Family Services), Madison learned valuable skills through online courses, workshops and paid work experiences. Along the way she took driver's education courses and obtained her license. Through one-on-one case management, Madison began to tackle some of her barriers and started to flourish, both personally and academically, as she became excited about her future.

Madison is currently a junior at the Wayne County Schools Career Center and is part of the Practical Nursing program. She has already obtained certifications that will help her to succeed in the workforce and when she graduates next year, she will be able to take her Licensed Practical Nursing exam. Madison's career goals do not stop there! She is also enrolling in classes at the University of Akron Wayne College campus to begin pursuing a degree in nursing (during her senior year), which she hopes to continue directly after graduation. There is no stopping Madison. Success is now a part of her future.

"I got to learn how an actual workplace works, how to be professional, how to make a resume. Goodwill helped prepare me for my future and future jobs." -Madison Conrad

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